Saturday, November 28, 2009

Countdown to Christmas, Week 8

Hello everyone! It's time for another Countdown to Christmas sale! I know some of you may be a little "saled" out after the Black Friday sales yesterday! Some might even be shopping today! Well, here's 1 more to add to your list...

For newbies... our countdown to christmas sale starts every saturday for the 12 saturdays before christmas! Each week there is a new sale that wont be duplicated during the countdown. These sales are our little holiday gifts to you! :) Sales are only good for in stock merchandise.

This weeks sale is 20% off all Moody Girls! (originally this sale was going to be 10%, but what can i say, i'm in the holiday sale spirit after shopping yesterday and today! hahahaha!)

The code you will need for this sale is Moody20. For those that arent sure where to enter the code.... while logged into the site click view cart. At the bottom of your virtual cart, you will see a box that says voucher. Put the code in there and the 20% will automatically be deducted.

This coupon is not good with other coupons but will work with gift vouchers, customer reward points and free shipping vouchers.

And now for a little moody inspiration!

Card by Dawn Wheeler

Card by Lisa McKinney

Card by Meli Mitchell

Card by Katie Cotton

Card by Shaela Odd

Card by Dawn Mercedes

Card by Christi Thorsen

Card by Katie Cotton
Card by Tina Hale

Thanks for stopping by today!


Tracey said...

Gorgeous cards!!

Annie said...

oh my, these are FABULOUS!!!!

Alex said...

OH- I need to see which ones I am missing and get my collection complete!!