Saturday, November 21, 2009

Countdown to Christmas, Week 7

Hello everyone! It's time for another Countdown to Christmas sale!
If you arent aware of our countdown to christmas, every saturday for the 12 saturdays before christmas we announce a new sale that runs thru the week.
The sale is over next friday night at midnight!

This week's sale is one that many have been waiting on! It's a Fairy sale!
Thats right, those fairies that have become the signature of Paper Makeup Stamps are
on sale this week for a very special discount. For every 2 Fairies you buy, you get 1 free!

Now here's where it may seem to get a little tricky. We arent able to get the website to recognize a sale like this, so we have to use voucher codes. You'll need to use the appropriate voucher code. Orders with the incorrect voucher code will be cancelled and refunded and will need to be replaced in order to ship.

Here are your codes...

For those who like 'em bare For those who like 'em mounted
1 free fairy - 1bare 1 free fairy - 1mounted
2 free fairies - 2bare 2 free fairies - 2mounted
3 free fairies - 3bare 3 free fairies - 3mounted
4 free fairies - 4bare 4 free fairies - 4mounted

REMEBER: for each free fairies, you must have ordered 2 paid for fairies. :) So for example, and order using the voucher code 3bare must have a total of 9 bare fairies in their cart.

This voucher code can not be used with any other discounts or codes.

This sale is only good for in stock quantities, so get em while you can!

Here's a little fairy inspiration for you!

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Annie said...

oh wow, how super awesome!!!!! Will it work on digi stamps? :)