Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Design Team Showoff

Do you know what just occured to me at about midnight last night?  I have completely forgotten about the Tuesday meet n greets i once loved sharing with everyone!  Like, forgot!  Completely!  WOOOPS!  hahahaha.  With the hub bub of the June release, i guess i just spaced it and then never got back on track and seeing as i only remember at midnight, it wasnt exactly a good time to call up a design team member and say, hey, could you answer these questions for me?  

What i want to know is WHY DID NO ONE CALL ME OUT!  Sheesh people... i'm scattered brained, you have to remind me of things!

So you'll have to "suffer" thru just looking at some awesome creations until next week when you get to actually "greet" a design team member again.  :)
Or maybe i'll sneak some in there on another day. haha.

Dont forget - today is the VERY LAST DAY of the Summer Clearance event!  At midnight tonight, all the prices will return to our regularly low prices.  hehe.  But right now it's like you're just stealing the stamps.  bwahahahahahaha.

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Shaela said...

hahaha, we're all spacey, Katie - I totally didn't even notice, that is so bad!