Saturday, December 19, 2009

Countdown to Christmas Sale, Final Week

Ok guys, it's the last week in our countdown! We are officially in the week before christmas!!!!!
And i know that many of you aren't doing much more shopping for anyone. Well, how about a little shopping for yourself? Maybe someone gave you some christmas money? Maybe the hubby at last minute says oh i dont know what to get you, just buy some stamps? haha. Mine usually does that.

SO, here's is our sale for you today!!! There is a category in the sidebar that says Countdown to Christmas Sale! In this category you'll see Spend $15, get 1 free, Spend $20 get one free, Spend $25 get 1 free, and Spend $30 get one free. While you're shopping, just check the amount you've spent and add one of the listed freebies into your cart. Now the cart will let you add more than 1, thing to your cart. The site is just set to have these items as free. However, you can only get 1 item for the amount in your cart. But, for example, if you spend $30, and you'd rather get 2 items from the $15 category, this is ok. :)

So this is your sale! A little gift from Paper Makeup Stamps!

Now... we have another special announcement for you that went live at midnight last night so dont forget to scroll down to check it out!

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Shaela said...

hahaha, John said that to me last night. He's like, "Why bother giving me the money for your stocking? Just get some more stamps or paper or something." lol - too funny!