Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Design Team show n tell!

Yep, round 2 for the design team show n tell! Hehe. So fun having a big team!
Here's some more wonderful creations to get your mojo going!

Card by Lisa Kind

Card by Tina Hale

Card by Tangii Crain

Have a wonderful wednesday!


Sonia said...

Fantastic cards :) I have only just found your blog and think its amazing. I like the wordart sentiments, visited the blog but the link to the freebies doesn't work any more :( Just thought i would try one.
Hugs Sonia xx

Tracey said...

Incredible! Katie, you have chosen such a fantastic team!!

Shaela said...

wow, I LOVE that last card!!

Danni said...


Meli Mitchell said...

LOVIN' the new blood. Lisa....your apple card is just GREAT. You hit the nail on the head with the crispness of it. And Melyssa...WOW is all I gotta say to YOU!

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