Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Showoff, another winner and delish ice cream!

Ok, so maybe yall don't care about my ice cream, but we picked up some Peaches and Sweet Cream ice cream... it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Actually, so is this Southern Buttered Pecan (yes, I had to have a scoop of each!  I couldn't very well give it to my children if it was gross or poisoned or something!! lol).  Ok, focus!  Don't forget about the Halloween sale at the store, scroll down 1 post for the deets!
Last week, Michelle challenged us to get out our vellum and use it!  So now, I've got to know... did yall run out of vellum?  Were you intimidated by your vellum?  Or did you just not have yummy ice cream to eat while creating with your vellum?? Bwahahahaha!  Well, not alot of you played but I've got some eye candy for ya non the less.  Check out your Thursday Showoff...

So, hmmmmmm who could our winner be this week?  Miss Jan wins again!  Jan, make sure you email Katie with your choice of image.  Thanks to all who played, see you back here tomorrow when Christi will have another awesome Makeup 4 the Weekend Challenge for us!  TIFN Happy Stamping


jan farnworth said...

wow and i just got my entry in this afternoon. I had to do some digging to find some vellum i knew i had quotes but it took me a while to find them. I choose to get the tangii fary this time. I keep printing her out in digital so i figured i might as well get her in rubber to. have a great day and can;t wait to see what the next challenge is.

Shaela said...

your ice cream sound DELISH, Tangii! yum, now I want ice cream, lol