Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Release sneak peeks day 4 - laugh out loud funny!

Today marks day 4 of our sneak peeks for the upcoming release from Paper Makeup Stamps.
Have you been enjoying the peeks so far?

You may have noticed that our sneak days seem to have themes. Today's theme... um... laughter? Other than that, not much of a theme going on, but each of these images make me giggle!

You'll have to check out what the Paper Makeup Artists did with these images to find out what all the laughing is about!

Let's start with Moody for Computers. Now this moody alone doesnt make me laugh out loud, but she does make me smile. Pair her with the sentiment set(sold separately) "All my friends live in my computer" and you do havea pretty giggle worthy card!

Next up is Leif. This monster in the leafs really does make me laugh. He is sold with the sentiment "I haven't seen you around lately" Doesnt make since? Look at the image and it will!

And last but not least... this one REALLY get's me rolling! I literally laugh out loud every time i see him! It's FLUBU and his name says it all! This monster is ALSO sold with the matching sentiment that reads "I'm sorry you feel so icky".

Ok... so you want to win ALL 4 (the 3 images plus the sentiment set for Moody for Computers)
Well just leave a comment here saying which one makes YOU laugh the most!

Winners will be announced at our release party... which by the way is October 7th at 9pm EST.
We will play games, give away some prizes, chit chat and maybe have a challenge or 2. It's sure to be blast. We'll meet up in our forum!

Be sure to check back in every day this week for more sneak peeks and more ways to win!


AScrappersDelight said...

FLUBU makes me laugh! His facial expression is awesome. Great stamps!

Cheryl said...

Flubu is to cute and funny!

Lindsy said...

Oh my goodness ~ Leif! I love Leif hands down.....one reason may be because my youngest son's middle name is Leif =) So I feel an attachment to him already ~ hee hee. He reminds me of my kids who love to hide in piles of leaves and jump out and "scare" us =)

Maya said...

All my friends live in my computer is really funny because some times it feels like it's true :)

Michelle said...

'my friends live in the computer' is so funny. It's true and yet sad at the same time lol

My favorite is FLUBU. His face captures exactly how you feel when sick. He's hilarious.

Ujjwal said...

That computer girl is so funny yet cute!! love it!!

scrappintlc said...

Flubu is hilarious. Adorable too.

Andrea6760 said...

Flubu cracked me up the moment I saw its pathetic looking face! I actually laughed out loud since I am currently getting over the flu and it is EXACTLY how I feel I look like! Especially the horn-like ear things..I swear I might even be green too! I can feel every chill from the past few days in its face!

Its truly a winning image and Im sure it will be a huge seller because I think we all can relate to it.

Thanks for the laugh,