Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Makeup Artist Spotlight

This week we are Spotlighting Senior Makeup Artist Lisa Kind (Kind Creations).   If you've not surfed Lisa's blog recently, I highly recommend a visit!  It's a fabulous place for inspiration!  I just love her "shading/sponging". 
Lisa has 2 favorite PMS creations, the first is this beautiful Rose card.  Here's what Lisa has to say about her 2 fav's...  "My fav PMS card: I'm giving two!  The first one is Rose fairy.  I love this card because of the pretty color combo.  It always just jumps out at me when I look back at it...

The other is the Lisa fairy because she was named for me!  How's that for narcissism?  LOL!!"
Katie and Diem did an amazing job when creating the Lisa Fairy!   I went over to Lisa's blog to pick my favorite, as soon as I got there the very latest card... "oh that's my favorite!" then I scrolled down a little, "oh, no wait I like this one too".  I did this on page after page after page of her blog until I came across this... you can go here to read her post.  This is a fabulous piece, and I love everything about it.  The embellies are perfect, the colors are right on and the layout is just right!!  But my favorite part is that she show cased her Dad!
Lisa & I have been on the PMS DT from the beginning together, and while I just love her fiestiness and the  one liners she comes up with to the group; it's only been the last several months that I've chatted with her one on one a little.  I have to say she is certainly one of those "the more you chat with her the more you like her" types!   I truly adore Lisa, and if you don't already you will when you get to know her ;)  Enough of my gushing, read on for yourself...

1.  When did you get started stamping?  I think it was in 2003.  My girlfriend had a SU party and I enjoyed it.  But I was just into scrapbooking then and stamping was something I did occasionally.  But in 2006 I found SCS and it's be stamping ever since!

2.  Tell me 5 songs or artists on your iPod right now.  Rolling Stones, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Various Classic Rock bands, Rolling Stones.  Can you tell I'm a Rolling Stones fan?  I LOVE them!  :-)

3.  All Stylists have a go to accessory or tool... what's yours?  I love Star Dust Stickles!  They add a lot of sparkle, are clear, and very easy to use.

4.  What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?  I can only choose one?  I guess chocolate, but I love black raspberry and hot fudge sundaes!

5.  Where do you find inspiration?  I love sketches and can work well from them.  I love Mojo Monday, SCS, Sweet Sunday, Taylored Expressions, and Sketch for You to Try sketches.  I also get inspiration from decorative paper. 

6.  Do you have a favorite technique or style?  I always look back at my work and try to figure out what my style is!  I don't think I have one.  I do, however, use Spellbinders dies on almost all of my cards and love to swirl ink around the image while it's still in the die, so I guess that's my style.

7.  What is your favorite color palette?  Anything with brown!  I love brown and all autumnal colors! But having said that, I like a lot of soft combos as well as vibrant combos.  I find I don't like much with purple.

8.  When your 'mojo' takes a spa day without you, what gets your creative juices flowing again?  I go to the spa with my mojo!

9.  When you aren't stamping, what do you like to do?  I love to read.  I just bought a Nook and have done lots of reading this summer.  My reading takes a back seat somewhat when I'm back in teaching mode, but I always have a book on my nightstand.

10.  Tell us something, not stamping related, about you...  I love dogs, traveling, my cabin, clothes/shoes/jewelry, and Mick Jagger!  Yes I said Mick Jagger!  I get a lot of flack for that, but he's been my idol since I was around 5 years old (thanks to my brother's and cousin's love for the Rolling Stones)!  I also love the girls on my design teams.  I know that's sort of stamping related, but these girls are the best in town!

That's all I have for you today about Lisa.  You can leave a comment for her here or better yet head over to her blog, check out some eye candy and leave her a comment there (make sure you tell her I said "hey").


Lisa Kind said...

OMGosh! You made me cry when I saw the card with my dad on it! He was my REAL idol and I miss him so much! Thanks for such a nice write-up! :-)

Tina said...

I loved learning more about you Lisa! You are fabulously talented and super sweet!