Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Makeup Artist Spotlight

This week we are Spotlighting one of our newer Makeup Artists, Anita Hovey (Hovey Hut).   Anita has a great style and is total Challenge-a-holic!!
Here is Anita's favorite card, and while she didn't tell me why it was her fav, it is certainly beautiful!
Here is my pic... I jut LOVE these leaves!  And, of course, his tentacle sticking out of the circle.

Anita has been a "friend of PMS" for quite some time, partying with us frequently!  It is very nice to have her on the team now!  Here's a little more info about Anita...
1.  When did you get started stamping?  Well, if you count my first cheapie set of stamps from Michaels that I never figured out how to use, then about 10 years ago! I really got hooked when I met my Stampin Up! Demonstrator and signed up. Then I discovered other companies and got addicted totally to challenges about 2 years ago, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!
2.  Tell me 5 songs or artists on your iPod right now.  I haven’t touched my iPod in months, so it’s out of date LOL. If I were to update it today I would add some Ke$ha and Katy Perry to my standbys of Bon Jovi, Michael Buble and Nickleback.
3.  All Stylists have a go to accessory or tool... what's yours?  My Cuttlebug… I use it a lot! Spellbinders, embossing, cutting, I LOVE it.
4.  What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?  Black Raspberry Cheesecake…and I’ve made it through the whole summer without having ANY!
5.  Where do you find inspiration?  I love cardmaking magazines…I keep them all…I have about 7 years’ worth in my craft room! I also love challenges. I find they get me creating without COPYING and that helps me bring out my own style.
6.  Do you have a favorite technique or style?  I really appreciate a good Shabby Chic creation because it’s something I cannot do myself! My personal style is more on the cute &  fun side.
7.  What is your favorite color palette?  I love BRIGHT! I have many favorite colors and it really depends on the day I’m creating, but I love HOT pink & LIME green, orange, red… and any combo of those colors together!
8.  When your 'mojo' takes a spa day without you, what gets your creative juices flowing again?  Looking for a challenge to do. Sometimes it might take me a dud or two to get going, but completing some challenges always helps to work out the sloggy bug.
9.  When you aren't stamping, what do you like to do?  Is there something else to do? Seriously, this is my main hobby…I don’t watch a LOT of TV, but I am a huge fan of General Hospital. I only really read on vacation. So I guess it’s really family/work duties when I’m not stamping.
10.  Tell us something, not stamping related, about you...  I currently work for the YWCA of Halifax, Nova Scotia. While the YWCA advocates for many women’s issues, I have a special passion for promoting self-esteem and healthy body image, and lately for exposing the horrendous photo-editing practices of the fashion world. I have two beautiful daughters and I do not ever want them to feel like they are ugly, need to lose weight, have surgery, or do anything extra to “be normal”.


Lindsy said...

WOW! I can see why that is Anita's favorite card...it is AMAZING!
I too love the lime green/pink color combo =)

Tina said...

It's so fun to read these! I admire your efforts on self-image, bravo!