Monday, March 2, 2009

Tuesday SUPER Sale!!!

The first tuesday of every month there will be a super sale! Woot! Sets and/or singles at 50% off or more. Ya gotta love that!

The super sales will last for 24 hours only... but since this is the first super sale... we're going to have this sale for 48 hours!

These are on a first come first served basis!

Drum roll please....


As bare rubber only $4 and EZ Mounted for only $5!


Nuts About You

Bare rubber only $3 and EZ Mounted for only $4!

Now if those arent some fantastic prices, I dont know what a fantastic price is!

If product goes out of stock tomorrow, that's it on the super sale.

Here's a card i made with the Nuts About You set a bit back...

and here's a link to some FABULOUS starstruck cards on splitcoast! Dont forget to leave these talented ladies some love! :)


Heather said...

This card is adorable! Fabulous deals on the stamps!!!

Cassie said...

awesome! i've been eyeing that starstruck set!

Melissa Craig said...

Awww - that little squirrel is adorable!!

Meli Mitchell said...

Fabulous sale!