Monday, February 9, 2009

Now that the first batch of stamps have gone out... we wanna see your creations!!! Every Friday we will have a Friday's Feature. Wanna see your stamps up in lights? You can send an email to me ( with your creation or you just just send me a link to your blog post or gallery!

And a little bit on the next release - 3 fairies are already drawn. And they are ca-ute! There will also be some monsters in the next release. But what else would YOU like to see? Leave a comment here (or in the Paper Craft Planet group!)


Gabby said...

Hey Katie...OMG I can't stress how much I love these cuties! LOL! SOO...I already have my very first project up using Caliope. DD and I are fighting to see who's right...she says it's pronounced Cal-eee-oh-pee and I say it's Cal-eee-oh-pe (as in "nope"). How DO you pronunce this cuties name? LOL!

Here's my first project:

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the same litte girls as the fairies or similar without the wings.

Lisa M. said...

Hey there Katie! You are more then welcome to feature any of my cards with PMS images from my SCS gallery or blog!

What would I love to see? Well I love the fairies already, so you can't go wrong there. The monsters are super cute too...

Maybe some Springtime goodies like a sunshine fairy, or flower fairy (but you probably already have these in the works)--I can't wait to see some flower stamps or even some frogs or turtles.

I also love stamp sets. I am more of a set person--more product for my $$ if you get my drift!

Everything you have done so far is great, so I know that even without our suggestions, the next releases will be awesome!