Saturday, July 10, 2010

Release in Review, day 2

Today is another day in our Release in Review!

But before we get to the yummy eye candy, first a note on the website.
Many of you have noticed the frustrations we have had on the website. Lots of errors messages, that thankfully, when you refresh, they go away. But still, rather annoying! We have had developers working round the clock on the issue and we are HOPING that the site issues have been resolved by the time this blog post goes live! We will keep everyone posted.

And now..... the real post!

Yesterday we showed you the latest in the Retro Cutie Critters which added 2 new critters AND a set of sentiments that go with every critter in the line!

Well, today, we're continuing on with illustrations by Diem Pascarella and showing off her Fairies! These fairies were created with specific people in mind, which is always fun!

First, we have Maya! Named after a fan of PMS's daughter!

This card was made by one of our newest Paper Makeup Artist, Sherry Campbell!
And if you love the sweet Have Fun sentiment that works with a lot of this months release, well all you have to do is place an order! A free Have Fun sentiment will come with each order this month!

Next we have Lisa! named after our very own little traveler, Lisa Kind!

This card was created by Dawn Mercedes. You'll notice Dawn also used the Have Fun sentiment! You know you want it! ;)

To match the Lisa Fairy, we have Lisa's Luggage!

Another one of our newest Paper Makeup Artists, Ginger, made this adorable luggage looking card... check out how it looks from the side!

and then she even decorated the inside which also uses the sentiment which comes in this little set!

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