Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July Release in Review - the Final Day!

Today is the final day for the Release in Review! Can you believe it?
You have until tomorrow night to use the Blog Hop code to save an additional 15% off your new releases.

Quick website note... we are still getting some error messages to our dismay! They are getting better, but we are still hunting out the source of the problem. If you get an error message, just click refresh and the site should return you to the page you were trying to get to!

Today we're reviewing the Beauty Sets...
As mentioned yesterday, we have a fabulous bundle called "Everything a Girl Needs".
All of the sets being reviewed today are in that bundle!
And, even though PMS is known for some good pricing on stamps for the size of the set you get, this is a RIDICULOUS savings! $30 for an entire sheet of red rubber that is just full of girlie goodness! Check out the bundle HERE. The image you see is exactly what the sheet will look like.

Without further ado, here is the review!

side note, this is Dawn's blog hop card, i didnt have a card for this set and i wanted to make sure it was shown as well! :D But didnt she do a fabulous job and you know you wanted to see it again! :D

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