Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodbyes and Hellos!

Well, as promised, we have some very fun things going on in PMS land and we have fun news today! Today we are introducing our new design team!

Oh design team call made making these decisions extremely difficult as there was talent ABOUND sent to the submission email. If you were not selected, please dont feel like you were not capable because the fact of the matter is, there was SO much talent, it was really hard to choose. PMS has a team of diversity, different styles and ways they use stamps, so all of these things were taken into consideration when chosing the team. Still, i feel like we really did get a GREAT crop of new girls!

Having some new team members however, isnt without it's saddness. We are saying goodbye to 3 of our current team members. We have already said goodbye to Melyssa as you may remember, but we are also saying goodbye to Gabby Arrizza, Dawn Knight and Amber Kroening. We hope that these marvelously talented ladies wont be stangers to us at PMS!

Here are some cards from our talented ladies leaving us...

But as we said, we have some new girls. And in our very painstaking decision making, we could not choose just 4 new ladies, so we have 7! Thats right, 7 new wonderful talented ladies to add to our brood! And we'll have a guest designer each month. Oh i am just giddy! I'm sure these ladies are too!

SO, without much ado... here is our newest team members!

And the new team is getting a little fashion show of their own!

Now go leave some love for our leaving and newest team members!!!!


Danni said...

Welcome to all the new team members and see ya later to the ones leaving!! Hugs to all!

Tracey said...

So sad to see the current three members leaving but wishing all the best to the new members. Such an incredible team here at PMS!!

Alex said...

I will miss the leaving team members, but you are right, you got some AMAZING talent! Congrats to the new members and even more, congrats to PMS for getting them!!!! Can not wait to see more inspiration from the entire team!

Sanwanya said...

welcome new team!!