Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back in Action!

Hello everyone! PMS is fully back in running order! For those that missed the newsletter that went out last week, Katie (that'd be me) was on vacation! Well, sort of! It was a busy time that I tried my best to stay on top of all emails and any questions people had. Well, i'm back in town, have begun processing all orders that were placed while I was gone. If you sent an email that went unanswered, it may have just been missed. Please send it again.

If you placed an order prior to June 1st and have not received it, feel free to email. Our trip included 4 10 hour long drives, with a few 1-2 hour drives in between, but things were bound to be missed. We truly appreciate your patience during this time.

Stay tuned this week to the blog for reviews of our recent release! Winners of the release party challenges will be announced shortly!

1 comment:

buggin2stamp said...

I've been checking the blog every day and I don't see where the winners were announced for the release challenges. Did I miss them somewhere? Thanks.