Monday, February 1, 2010

A fresh new monday!

Are you ready for tomorrow?! We are going to party hardy all day long! We'll start the day with a phenomenal blog hop! Then stay tuned as some specials sales will be announced on the blog and will go out in the newsletter!
Also being announced are some fun challenges and contests!
And theeeeeeen, we'll have a chat party starting at 8pm CST in our forum! As always, there will be lots of fun chatter but we'll also be having a brainstorming session! We want to know what YOU want to see coming from PMS in the new year! So if you want your voice heard, we'd love for you to be at the party!

But today, is not tomorrow (sadly! haha!) so for today i just have a fun birthday cards design team members have made recently!

And there is more where that comes from! So more birfday cards will be on display on wednesday (and you may see some tomorrow, i have no idea what each Makeup Artist has up their crafty sleeves!)

I hope to see you tomorrow!!!


Tracey said...

Gorgeous cards from the DT!! Can't wait for all the birthday fun!!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

These are GORGEOUS!