Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Day to Rethink

It's time for another day to rethink!
For those that regularly follow our blog, i'm sure it's starting to get redundant explaining what
our "rethink" challenge is. Similar to how they always reintroduce the judges on tv shows like America's Next op Model, Project Runway and even American Idol.
SO - if you are confused.... check out THIS post to read all about it!

Today is Paper Makeup Artists Dawn Knight and Gabby Arriaza's turn to RETHINK their very first PMS cards!

Dawn Knight has been with us from the very beginning. One of the first "followers" of PMS and then one of the first applicants to the design team! Though she did take a short leave of absence (she had the cutest baby boy join her family!), she has always been a supporter!
Here is her first card...

Dawn always has loved the monsters! Here she is using one of our first monsters... Dreck!
Here is her remake. I think it's fantastic that she made the card for the same friend!
And dreck is now Dreckina! hahahahaha!

And next we have Gabby!
While Gabby didnt apply for the design team the first time around (shame on you gabby!) She has been a friend and supporter since the very first day!
Here is her very first card also using one of the very first releases, Lauren in Love.

I actually have the above card in my possession! Because i'm so special, Gabby sent me this card as a congrats for starting my own stamp company shortly after it all began! :)

I love how she took this lovey image, and turned it into a not just valentine's day love card! Thats the great think about love images. They really can be used all year around!

Thanks so much for tuning into our blog today! have you rethought your first card yet??


Anonymous said...

Dawn your pink Dreck pulls on my heart strings and Gabby...WOW...the coloring on that green fairy is STUNNING :)

Lisa M. (aka. Lisabee) said...

I love Dreckina! And I am the proud owner of that green fairy card by Gabby! it's gorgeous!

Tracey said...

I love these cards! Both versions are gorgeous!