Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OMG did you SEE?!

PMS has had a card published on You can see a link to the article... HERE

Also in the article is a WONDERFUL charity cause to donate cards to the Orphan Foundation of America! In celebration of World Card Making Day, Angela of Angela's Happy Stamper is collecting cards to send to former foster children who are attending colleges and trade schools and are soley responsible for their own higher education.

If you live in Virginia, Angela's store in is Reston and you can take your cards directly to the store and get a coupon to get 30% off any 1 item!

However, if you dont live close to the store... you can still have some savings... on PMS that is!

Once you've made your cards and addressed the envelope... please take a picture of your package and email it to or make a post on your blog about the cards you've made and that you are mailing them off (and email me to let me know where to check out the post). Your email will be replied to with a 10% off voucher to be used ON THE ENTIRE SITE! Thats right, 10% off your entire order whether it's stamps, copics, spellbinders, or what have you! :) That could be some pretty big savings. :)

The card guidelines are simple:
No glitter – It’s pretty but it gets all over everything in the Care Package
No religious messages
No mention of them being in foster care or orphaned
No envelopes – each card has to be reviewed prior to being sent

Suggested words or encouragement:
"Keep up the good work!"
"We know you can do it!"
"You will succeed!"

Essentially anything you think a college-aged student would want or need to hear to stay motivated.

How to sign your cards: * this is just for an example
First Name Only: Katie*
Organization (optional): Paper Makeup Stamps*
City and State: Greenville, SC*
Do not include any contact information (i.e., address, telephone numbers or e-mail address).

And now... here's some eye candy for you!


Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

How cool! I'll try really hard to make a card for this. Thanks for spreading the word!

daisey1977 said...

Wow! Congrats :) ... I'll definitely try to donate for this.