Monday, September 28, 2009

A Colorful Paper Makeup Monday

Happy Monday peeps! It's Christi here with another Paper Makeup Monday challenge. Before I get into this week's challenge I do want to let you guys know that this will be our last challenge for a few weeks while we make the final decision on where we want the challenges to go as far as a separate blog and days. (If you haven't voted yet please vote on the sidebar) You know I'll keep you posted and from the votes so far it looks like you'll be ending you week with me instead of starting it with me. *wink*

OK, now onto this week's challenge which is a FAB color challenge from the incredibly talented Tina Hale: olive, ruby, and chocolate. I LOVE this color combo!!
I don't know why my ruby looks pink but it's ruby I promise. :) Now check out what the rest of the design team did with this yummy color combo...

Tina Hale
Lisa Kind
Tangii Crain
Meli Mitchell
Lisa McKinney
I hope you all can play along with us this week! Remember, you do not have to use Paper Makeup Stamps to play along but if you've got them why not use them?

Please link up to Mr. Linky with a direct link to your challenge creation and if you upload to SCS/PCP please use keywordPMSMC29 so we can see your creations there as well.

Now go color your world! :) Happy Stamping!!


Linda said...

This is a really great color combo!!
Fabulous inspiration cards by the DT...Thank You!!
I have posted my card in Mr Linky.

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tiger said...