Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Makeup Artist Spotlight

Today we are shining our spotlight on Makeup Artist Maria (ScrapsbyM).
When I asked Maria to pick her favorite PMS creations, she chose these:

I just LOVE the way Maria adds all of this detail and yet there's no clutter to her pages.  I love the way she mixes her patterned papers (being a dsp junkie myself, lol!).  One thing I didn't know about Maria is that she is obsessed with organizing (OMG!  me too!!!!!!)...I knew there was something fabulous about her ;)  Maria also has a thing for her sewing machine, her stitching is just the perfect touch to her creations!
This is one of my favorites from Maria.  The colors are wonderful, and I just LOVE paper piecing!!  Such a fun card!  I asked Mara our standard questions, and here's what she had to say...

1.  When did you get started stamping?  I’ve been a scrapbooker since 2000 but it wasn’t until 2008 that I picked up my first stamp.  Honestly, I had no idea why someone would want a stamp…I mean who wants the same image over and over.  Once I got inky there was no turning back.  I started out just stamping on cards but now combine stamping and scrapbooking to and love the freedom that stamping allows in your projects.

2.  Tell me 5 songs or artists on your iPod right now.  Kenny Chesney, Lionel Richie, Lady Gaga, New Kids on the Block J, The Script

3.  All Stylists have a go to accessory or tool... what's yours?  My go to tool has become my sewing machine…I rarely skipping stitching on a card and love the texture it adds to any project.

4.  What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?  Chocolate Chip

5.  Where do you find inspiration?  LOTS of places but mostly clothes, magazines, commercials, stores, billboards….hehe…I told you LOTS of places J

6.  Do you have a favorite technique or style?  I’m NOT a technique girl at all.  I rarely try anything messy (like glitter or mists) but I would say my style is mostly FUN and WHIMSY!!!

7.  What is your favorite color palette?  That’s easy…anything with red, blue and black.  Typically one of these colors always shows up on my cards but my favorite is when they are all together.

8.  When your 'mojo' takes a spa day without you, what gets your creative juices flowing again?  NEW product!!  Which is really bad on the checkbook but FABULOUS for my mojo.  When I can’t get to the store and buy something new I find falling back on my favorite layout and color combo usually gets things flowing again.

9.  When you aren't stamping, what do you like to do?  Organize my stamp stuff!!  I have a thing for being organized and LOVE binders and drawers and having a place for everything.  I also like to read, and hang out with my kiddos.

10.  Tell us something, not stamping related, about you...  My family is made up of all M’s.  Mike, Maria, Macy, Mattea and Miller.  Once we got started with M names it was hard to switch since we didn’t want one of the kids feeling “left out”.  My son’s name Miller is actually my mom’s maiden name.

That's all I have for you today, make sure you stop over at Maria's blog and say "hey"!  She is an absolute doll to visit with (if you've been to a PMS release Party with her you I am sure you'll agree!


Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on being featured, Maria!! Love, your Ft. Collins, Colorado, neighbor!!

FibreJunky said...

I gotta agree. Maria is amazing. I think that everything she touches is golden (even if it is red, blue and black.)

Anita Hovey said...

HE HE...I love it when family names have a story :)

Tina said...

I just love your style Maria!