Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Makeup Artist Spotlight

This week we are Spotlighting Makeup Artist Dawn Barrett (Everything Under the Sun).   If you've not surfed Dawn's blog you really should, in addition to her papercrafting, she has some great sewing projects on there that her and her kids have done!

This is Dawns favorite of her PMS creations.  Here is what Dawn had to say about her favorite card, "I have attached an early PMS card...created when the company was just getting off the ground.   I really like this card b/c of the rustic/vintage style and still have it in my stash.  I think it's a novel look for these fairies, who tend to be sparkly. Plus, this card shows how far PMS has come!  This sentiment is a rub-on.  The flowers are an SU set, but that was before PMS had flowers!  And now, I have a large selection of sentiments and background stamps produced by the Paper Makeup Company.  Kudos to Katie for growing such a successful company!"

So I went searching for MY favorite on Dawn's blog.  I tried finding an older card that was my fav, but this one just kept tugging at me.  Dawn made this for one of the recent Makeup 4 the Weekend Challenges.  I love the way Moody for Showers is colored (very signature "Dawn"), but the way she did those clouds along with the image... when I saw this for the challenge I was just speechless!

Dawn is another DTer that I've been lucky enough to be on the team with since the beginning, I just love her stories about the kids and hearing about her sering contests with her family.  Read below to get to know Dawn a little better yourself.  When you're done, you can leave her a comment here or better yet, hop on over to her blog and leave her some love there.

1.  When did you get started stamping?  I started stamping nearly 6 years ago after receiving some supplies from my deceased grandmother's craft closet.  After a few days on Splitcoast, I realized that i needed a whole lot more!

2.  Tell me 5 songs or artists on your iPod right now.  I have a new mp3 player...still in the packaging. I  prefer to listen to the radio...loudly. haha.  My music selections run the gammet. From classic rock to today's dance hits.  It all depends on my mood and who else is singing along with me!

3.  All Stylists have a go to accessory or tool... what's yours?  I use my heat tool (which also came from my grandmother's craft closet) all the time...every day...non-stop.  I watercolor most of my images and the embossing keeps the lines clean and strong.

4.  What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?  It would have to be chocolate chip cookie dough.
5.  Where do you find inspiration?  I'm inspired by who I stamp for.  I think my cards/projects turn out much better when I have a specific person, or purpose, in mind.

6.  Do you have a favorite technique or style?  It would have to be watercoloring. You can get any range of colors and shades by mixing colors.

7.  What is your favorite color palette?  I don't have a favorite palette.  I go with colors that match the image and the season!

8.  When your 'mojo' takes a spa day without you, what gets your creative juices flowing again?  I take a couple of days off without thinking about stamping.  Then, I make a "just for fun card" using a set of "oldies but goodie" stamp set.

9.  When you aren't stamping, what do you like to do?  This summer..,.lounging around the pool. But during the school year, I am volunteering at church and school, coaching soccer, leading a Girl Scout troop, etc, etc.  But lately, I have gone back to reading...which was my favorite thing to do as a youth.
10.  Tell us something, not stamping related, about you... I recently painted my kitchen in a lovely pear color.   By the time Christmas arrives, I hope to have repainted most of the house!  (We'll see how that fits into my already filled schedule. hehe)

That's all I've got for you today!  You can visit Dawn on her blog, Everything Under the Sun.

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Tina said...

How in the world did I miss this? Dawn, your work is always outstanding and it has been a pleasure being on this team with you. You rock!