Saturday, October 24, 2009

Countdown to Christmas Sale, week 4

Whew! What a day! I'm so sorry that this post didnt go up earlier. I thought i had it scheduled last night, but apparently i forgot! SO - without much ado... here is this week's special in our Countdown to Christmas!

Well... the sale WAS for all order $10 to have free shipping, but since this is going up a smidgen late in the day.... we're going to make it ALLLLLLLL orders get free shipping! Even the small ones! Even the out of the country ones. ALL OF THEM! :)

Just use the coupon 1024FREESHIP at checkout! Best of all.... you can use this voucher with other vouchers!

And now... here's a little design team show n tell for you!


Stampin_melissa said...

Cute, cute, Cute! Thanks for the coupon Katie!!

Jan Scholl said...

I wqas n the middle of making an order and your site won't load after I changed the cart. I hope I can still use the coupon when it comes back up . And I hope my cart is still there.