Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet n Greet Tuesday with Shaela Odd

We're going to have a new fun thing every tuesday. It's a meet n greet. I wanted everyone to get to know each design team member... and since there are quiet a few of them... it will last many many weeks! :)

First up is Shaela Odd!!

And here's our 5 questions for Shaela...

When did you start stamping? 
I first started stamping about 2 years ago. I'm more into scrapbooking and thought stamps were only for cards (although I love making cards too), but once I figured out how many AMAZING stamps and companies there are out there, I was hooked!

What first drew you to PMS? 
I followed Katie around cyberspace like a sick puppy, so when she started her own company I HAD to get some stuff! Lauren in Love and Dreck sealed the deal - I've been hooked ever since!
What's your favorite color combo? Oh dear, I don't have one! I love anything that fits my mood and looks good to me at the time.

What else do you like to do? 
I love to read, and I'm an avid writer and poet. I also compose songs on my piano and guitar. I love all things outdoorsy and love to rock climb - I used to compete!

Where do you get inspiration from? 
Everywhere: other blogs, magazines, artwork, billboards, nature - I see everything as a jumping-off point.

What's on your ipod? 
I'm a punk rocker at heart! But I love a bit of just about everything.

And here's some of Shaela's creations... some you've seen on here... some not!  :)  But they are my favorites...

I just adore how she uses quotes on cards... check these out

But quotes arent the only thing she can do... check out these babies...


Christi Snow said...

I love Shaela's work...these are all simply gorgeous! It's so fun to get to "know" you better, Shaela! smiles..

Meli Mitchell said...

Shaela does indeed to stunning work. I am constantly inspired by her talent when I visit her blog! Her cards and her scrapbook pages are so well put together and laid out perfectly.

Lisa (lakind) said...

This is a cool idea! Now I know even more about you, Shaela! Your work is fantastic! I'm very happy to be on the team with you!


Lisa M. said...

Fabulous Idea!!

I {heart} you Shaela!! your work is awesome!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Love the layouts!!

Christi said...

You rock Shaela!!!