Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Freebie is BACK!

Well, i THINK Blogger is finally back to working!

You know what else is back?! PMS Friday Freebie!!!!
In earlier PMS days, we used to offer a free digi stamp every Friday.
Well depending on what else we have in the works on a friday, we will very likely have a freebie for you!

Todays Friday Freebie is a wordart put together by ME!
Yes, I'm proud of myself, I played on the computer just for the heck of it... just to give you all a fun freebie to play with! This is a great way to try out digi stamps and see how they work for you!

You know one of the things I like best about a digital stamps... the ability to size them however you'd like! Here are 2 sample cards I did, using the same basic overall design, but with 2 very different sizes of the wordart printed...

With the above card, I was also able to use it with an image (in this case, one of the new silhouette fairies, but one of our lineart images to color would have worked as well)

In this one, I printed the word art nice and large (this is the size it will print if you do not do any resizing before printing). This makes it a great focal point to a card or tag or even a scrapbook page.

When you download this wordart, you will get both a .jpg version and a .png version with a transparent background. This is for our digi scrapping friends who love to use these wordarts on their scrapbook pages!

And now, here are 2 more samples from some of our paper makeup artists!!!

We also posted about this friday freebie on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!
If you are a facebook user, we'd love to see you over on our fan page! We'd love to see what you create as well!


Mary J said...

How wonderful1 Thx for the freebie - very generous of you!

dawnmercedes said...

oooh! gorgeous cards ladies!!

I'm going to have to check otu the Craftcraft site!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Very sweet sentiment. It says it can't find server. I will try later. Thank you so much!